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Smitten Perform 1950's Songs for the T-Birds Annual Dinner

We were so honoured to perform a set of 1950's and 1960's music last night for the annual Thunderbirds Classic Car Club Dinner at the beautiful Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Kelowna. We provided music while everyone was eating their dinner but several times during our songs, couples got up and danced together and everyone was singing along most of the night.

While we perform our vintage songs to percussion and bass, Jim is able to solo and lead on electric guitar while we both sing in harmony. Music from that era is so much fun to do!

Events like the classic car dinner are so fun for us and we love seeing the faces of our audience as they are transported back in time to their youth when these songs from the 1950's and 1960's made such an impact on their lives. We would love to provide music for them again in the future!

Next month, we are performing a 1960's set so are busy getting ready for that now.

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