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Singing Telegrams!!

It's been such an interesting summer of travel, performance and several very fun singing telegrams in Kelowna. Jim and I love writing fun original songs and we have discovered that no one else in Kelowna is doing anything like it.

We have people who are celebrating special occasions and rather than just having background ambience music, we show up as a surprise and sing a custom written unique song for the recipient.

This takes a phone call or a meeting with the person booking us as we need some information about the people we are singing about, then we find the perfect tune and words to honour their lives.

When we show up at the event or party, the crowd gathers round and we perform our singing telegram to the person of honour. AFterwards, we present them with a printed copy of their song and can even forward a recorded version of us singing it to them as a keepsake.

It's a ton of fun and a unique niche that we've found we are pretty darned good at. We hope to expand this part of our acoustic duo here in Kelowna.

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