About  Us - An Evolution

Other musical projects we're involved in: Kitsch 'n Sync

and Cover2Cover.

Kim's vintage trio is called Kitsch 'n Sync

Jim Rhindress has been playing professionally since he was 16 years old and Kim Foreman-Rhindress began piano lessons at the age of five. They come from very different musical backgrounds - his, classic rock and hers classical and musical theatre but their love for music and each other has brought about a wonderful alchemy. At Jim's encouragement, Kim picked up the bass which has proven to be a lot of fun and has added a unique versatility to the music they play.

The end result is the creation of Smitten. We began as an acoustic duo with guitar and bass dedicated to performing songs from all types of musical genres and eras. We do old style jazz classics, country songs, classic rock ballads and contemporary love songs that are on the radio today. We have chosen our favourites - songs that we love to hear and sing and that will resonate with others.

Our electric duo can create a great night of fun music for any party. We perform a wide variety of dance and party music ranging from classic rock & country to the best of the '80s dance music. 


Jim's guitar repair shop is JR Guitar and Kim owns Kelowna Voice Lab.

 Jim's website is: www.jimrhindress.com          

Kim's website is: www.kelownavoicelab.com


Their classic rock band is called Cover2Cover